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FSC Approved paper is now our standard stock.

PlusPrint offers an expanding range of products for sustainable printing in Sydney, using recycled paper stocks for business cards, presentation folders, brochures, trade presentations, stationary, catalogs, booklets and more. FSC Approved paper is now our standard stock.

In the past, the print industry has gained a reputation for bad environmental practices with the excessive use of resources such as water and electricity, poor waste management and most importantly the use of harmful chemicals. Environmental protection is a leading concern for businesses in Sydney and PlusPrint will always consider the health of the environment it's first priority.

Here is how PlusPrint is making a difference:

- FCA Approved paper is our recommended and standard paper stock.
- We recycle all of our waste paper and cardboard.
- We recycle all of our inks, toner and printer cartridges.
- 100% Recycled paper is available for all orders.
- Soy inks are available for use.
- Implementing printing techniques to reduce paper (such as duplex).
- Implementing technologies to reduce paper consumption (such as QR Codes).
- We use newer machines with a reduced carbon footprint.

While choosing FSC Approved paper can increase costs, we have manage to keep our pricing competitive. For more information about the Forest Stewardship Council, visit their website.

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