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Digital vs
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PlusPrint offers both offset printing and digital printing – the two most widespread methods of printing. Both differ in technique and methodology and have advantages depending on the materials and quantities printed, and the size of the print media being utilised.

Digital Printing

Digital printing is electronic printing which involves the laser writing of an image using a rotating drum to apply the ink. Digital printing is ideal and cost-effective for small runs as it involves quick and easy setup compared to offset printing. A big advantage of digital printing is variable data, printing a document with different images and texts per item; for example envelopes with a new address on each.

Offset Printing

Offset printing is a process in which the image is transferred from a metal plate on to a rubber blanket or roller before applying to the printing surface. The rubber blankets/rollers conform to the print surface, giving a sharp final image.

Offset printing gives a consistent high-quality image and can print any Pantone or PMS Colours. It requires a lengthy setup of plates and cylinders as well as preliminary printing in order to obtain the highest quality result and due to these preliminary steps, it is much more cost-effective for large-scale materials such as press, magazines, books. Offset printing even allows printing on a variety surfaces including wood, metal cloth or plastic.

Digital PrintingOffset Printing
TECHNIQUEElectronic printing.Mechanical printing,
QUANTITYLow setup costs. Cost-effective for small runs. Lengthy setup process. Cost-effective for large scale runs.
QUALITYLower durability. More susceptible to scratching. Durable and resistant print results.
SIZELimited size of paper stock. Suited to small sized materials. Suitable for both small and large-sized materials. Able to print on large paper sizes.

Digital Printing Advantages

  • Low setup costs
  • Cheaper than offset for smaller volume orders
  • Allows for variable data printing
  • Fast turnaround

Offset Printing Advantages

  • Consistent high image quality
  • Ideal for large volume printing & larger paper sizes
  • Cheaper than digital for larger volume orders
  • Print on a variety of surfaces including wood, metal, cloth, plastic

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